Introduction - 1/5

The Journey Begins

The ninja world is about to face an ancient danger. Will you be the hero that guides the new generation of ninjas?

The Prophecy

Under the moonlit sky, a few remaining ninjas of the Uzumaki clan set their plan in motion. The small cracks on the moon's surface seemed like a mere anomaly, but for the Uzumaki it was the catalyst of the danger their ancestors had feared. The instructions from the elders were clear - no village could be depended on.

Abandoning their home was tough, but leaving their newborn child to its gruel fate was heart-breaking. But it had to be done - the sealed away demon had to be released, and the ninja world would once again have to face destruction.

A New Generation

More than a decade after the sudden disappearance of the Uzumaki clan, nothing out of the ordinary had happened until recently. The climate had slowly changed with a mysterious cold wave sweeping across the lands, blocking many trade routes between the villages. A perfect opportunity for villages to send out their newly graduated ninjas on an adventure!