A Free Game inspired by the Naruto Anime & Manga

Play for free with thousands of Naruto fans online! Learn all jutsu, become the strongest shinobi and defeat Madara, Kaguya, Kyuubi and the other villains with your favorite ninjas!

Game Guide

Game Guide

Read up on ninjas, jutsu, game mechanics and other essential NinjaManager stuff!

Guide Overview

The NinjaManager guide section is split into two categories, the Academy and the Codex. Learn the game at the academy, master it with the codex!

Ninja Basics and Game Mechanics

Learn the game's basics at the academy!

Detailed Data and Stats

In-depth data and detailed lists of ninjas, equipment, combos and much more to help you master the game.

About NinjaManager

Discover what features NinjaManager has to offer.