Naruto Online RPG



The five elements, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water are essential parts of the battle system. Learn the elemental circle to survive on the battlefield!

Elemental damage

All ninjas recruited are assigned an element, except summons. There are a total of 5 elements that each have a strength and a weakness to another element.

Attacking a ninja where you have the elemental advantage adds a bonus amount of damage depending on the difference in the Element stat between the two ninjas. If the attacker has more Element than the defender, the damage is significantly increased. If the defender has more Element, then no bonus damage is added.

The bonus damage is generally 1% additional damage per 1 Element more than the defender. If the ninjas are very low level, the bonus damage percentage can be multiplied several times to have it make a difference.

  • Fire is strong against Wind, but weak against Water!
  • Wind is strong against Lightning, but weak against Fire!
  • Lightning is strong against Earth, but weak against Wind!
  • Earth is strong against Water, but weak against Lightning!
  • Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Earth!