Game Guide


In-depth data and detailed lists of ninjas, equipment, combos and much more to help you master the game.


A list of all abilities, or jutsus, grouped by their strength.

1000 Years of Death
Ancient Chakra
Body Replacement
Bug Bite
Chakra Arms
Chakra Control
Chakra Draining
Chakra Scalpel
Chakra Threads
Clone Explosion
Contract Seal
Coral Palm
Crystal Blade
Cursed Seal Tag
Cutting Sprigs
Dark Aura
Desert Funeral
Dust Cloud
Dust Wind
Dustless Bewildering Cover
Earth Golem
Emotion Wave
Enclosing Technique
Enhanced Strength
Explosive Clay
Fire Dragon Bullet
Five Elements Seal
Flame Bullet
Fleeing Expert
Flying Revolving Sword
Four Legs Technique
Gale Palm
Gentle Fist
Hair Camouflage
Hair Trap
Heavenly Weeping
Hidden Mist
Immense Chakra
Infiltration Expert
Ink Clone
Iron Claw
Iron Skin
Jet Booster
Leaf Great Whirlwind
Leaf Whirlwind
Light Fang
Lightning Straight
Mind's Eye
Monkey Flames
Mouse Hairball
Mystical Palm
New Sexy Technique
Paper Shuriken
Partial Multi-Size
Path Vision
Poisonous Breath
Rain Riger
Red-Hot Temper
Retractable Spears
Rock Clone
Rock Hiding
Self-Cursing Seal
Sexy Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Shadow Manipulation
Sharingan Coercion
Skilled Bodyguard
Slashing Bandages
Snake Clone
Soap Bubbles
Sound's Cursed Seal
South Paw
Spindle Formation
Steam Furnace
Tail Releasing Method
Third Eye
Thousand Ice Needles
Water Blob
Water Trumpet
Willow Dance
Wood Clone
Adamantine Sealing Chains
Adept Medic
Arhat Fist
Armor of Sand
Ash Pile Burning
Augmented DNA
Beastly Regeneration
Binding Snake
Black Lightning
Black Seal
Black Secrets
Bloody Instincts
Body Blow
Boiled Chakra
Bubble Clone
Bukijutsu Expert
Camellia Dance
Cat Fur
Cat Roaring Flame
Chakra Suppression
Cloak of Invisibility
Crystal Clone
Dead Soul
Demonic Statue Chains
Destroying Axe Fist
Detachable Limbs
Disturbance Taijutsu
Drunken Fist
Dynamic Entry
Explosive Dolls
Explosive Taijutsu
Falling Earth Spears
Fission Technique
Flower Petal Escape
Frog Kata
Great Fireball
Heaven's Cursed Seal
Hidden Shadow Snakes
Honorable Sacrifice
Human Beast Clone
Human Puppet
Ice Rock Dome
Illness Extraction
Impervious Armor
Ink Mist
Insect Clone
Larch Dance
Lightning Body Flicker
Lightning Hound
Mind Body Transmission
Mirage Genjutsu
Mirrored Attacker
Moving Earth Core
Palm Bottom
Paper Chakram
Path Piercings
Practice Brick
Puppet: Hiruko
Quick Rasengan
Rabbit Hair Needle
Scorched Chakra
Scorching Rocks
Severing Wave
Shadow Clone
Shadow Shuriken
Shadow Thunder Blast
Shakujo Twister
Shinra Tensei
Shuriken Shadow Clone
Sickle Dance
Spiral Spider Web
Summoning: Sharks
Summoning: Slugs
Supreme Typhoon
Survivor of War
Swamp of the Underworld
Tate Eboshi
Tearing Torrent
Trio Requiem
Triple-Bladed Claw
Uchiha Return
Vacuum Blade
Water Blade
Water Hiding
Water Prison
Water Wall
Wind Cutter
Wind Wall
Wood Expulsion
Zetsu Regeneration
Added Weight Rock
Adept Sensor
Arm Cannon
Ash Stone Seal
Bansho Ten'in
Body Flicker
Bukijutsu Mastery
Cat Claw
Chains of Phantasia
Chakra Transfer
Cherry Blossom Impact
Chidori Current
Claw Creation
Clay Clone
Clematis Dance
Crescent Moon Slice
Crouched Tiger Bullet
Crystal Shuriken
Daytime Tiger
Deep Forest Creation
Demon Lantern
Desert Avalanche
Dragon Transformation
Eighty Gods Chakra
Elemental Masks
Evil Sealing
Exploding Bubbles
Exploding Flames
Exploding Palm
Exploding Water Shockwave
Fang Wolf Fang
Fist Rock
Flying Swallow
Flying Thunder God
Flying Thunder God
Four Symbols Seal
Front Lotus
God Tree Dragon
Golden Sand
Great Fire Annihilation
Harem Technique
Hell Stab
Hiding Like A Mole
Human Tank
Inhaling Maw
Kenjutsu Mastery
Laser Circus
Lava Chakra Mode
Legendary Heel Drop
Lightning Blade
Lightning Cutter
Lightweight Rock
Lion Barrage
Medical Prodigy
Metal Gauntlets
Mind Disturbance
Mind Read
Mud Shadow Clones
Mummifying Flames
Needle Jizo
Paper Clone
Paralyzing Grip
Parasite Clone
Parasitic Insects
Phosphorus Insects
Physical Barrier
Piston Fist
Puppet: Third Kazekage
Rasen Ring
Sand Coffin
Scale Powder
Shadow Clone
Shadow Sewing
Shadow Snakes
Shattering Ice Spear
Sickle Weasel
Six Paths Avatar
Six Paths of Pain
Six Red Yang Formation
Skilled Mist
Sound Manipulation
Sphere of Graves
Steam Enhanced Strength
Sticky Gold
Summoning: Crow
Summoning: Giant Beast
Summoning: Rashomon
Summoning: Snakes
Tailed Beast Bomb
Tailed Beast Shockwave
Temple of Nirvana
Tools Mastery
Tree Bind
Triple Puppets
Triple-Bladed Scythe
Uematsu Ten Puppets
Underground Roots
Unsealing Technique
Vacuum Palm
Vacuum Sphere
Water Bullet
Water Clone
Water Mirror
Water Pistol
Wild Water Wave
Adamantine Attacking Chains
Animal Realm
Beast Tearing Palm
Black Panther
Bracken Dance
Buddha's Enlightenment
Butterfly Mode
Casting Net
Cellular Activation
Cheesecake Technique
Chibaku Tensei
Chimera Technique
Cloak of Lightning
Cloak of Lightning
Crystal Ice Mirrors
Crystal Prison
Decapitating Airwaves
Deception Slice
Demon Realm
Detachment of the Primitive World
Divine Genesis
Dragon Life Reincarnation
Earth Dome Prison
Earth Grudge
Earth Impermanence
Earth Servant
Edo Tensei
Eight Trigrams
Evening Elephant
Executioner's Blade
Flash Pillar
Ghost Realm
Giant Waterfall
Gobi's Jinchuriki
Gold Sand Waterfall
Great Cast Net
Great Twin Blades
Hachibi's Jinchuriki
Heavenly Hand
Hell Realm
Helmet Splitter
Human Realm
Impure World Reincarnation
Insect Tornado
Jar of Poison
Jashin Ritual
Kyuubi's Jinchuriki
Landmine Fist
Life Reincarnation
Lightning Fangs
Lightning Gate
Living Corpse Reincarnation
Matatabi's Jinchuriki
Melting Apparition
Mind Body Switch
Mind Puppet Switch
Neko Nightmare
Night Guy
Nine Masked Beasts
Nine-Tails Chakra Shroud
One Hundred Puppets
Partial-Sage Mode
Perfect Susanoo
Piercing Needle Sword
Poison Kusari
Puppet: Sasori
Quicklime Conjuring
Reserve Seal
Reverse Lotus
Reverse Seal
Rokubi's Jinchuriki
Sacred Paper Emissary
Sage Transformation
Samsara of Heavenly Life
Sanbi's Jinchuriki
Sea of Trees
Second Demon
Shadow Imitation
Shadow Senbon
Shark Skin
Shichibi's Jinchuriki
Shield of Shukaku
Six Paths Sage Mode
Skeletal Susanoo
Spider War Bow
String Bean Binding
Summoning: Doki
Summoning: Salamander
Summoning: Shinigami
Super Beast Scroll
Super Multi-Size
Super Steam Kill
Symbiotic Fusion
Tailed Beast Ball
Ten-Tails Coffin Seal
Thousand-Armed Murder
Treasured Tools
Twin Demon
Twin Lion Fists
Twin Rising Dragons
Twin Snake Sacrifice
Two-Headed Wolf
Vibrating Echo Drill
Water Pillar Encirclement
White Fang
Will of Shinobi
Wood Dragon
Yomotsu Hirasaka
Yonbi's Jinchuriki