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Play for free with thousands of Naruto fans online! Learn all jutsu, become the strongest shinobi and defeat Madara, Kaguya, Kyuubi and the other villains with your favorite ninjas!

Game Guide


Read up on ninjas, jutsu, game mechanics and other essential NinjaManager stuff!


NinjaManager is an energy-based game, which means your progress is limited to the amount of energy you have. Energy is regained every 10 minutes.

Energy overview

Logged in users can see a larger version of their energy status on their Home page. Below is an explanation of what is shown there.

  • 1. Arena energy

    The green energy is used for challenging other players in the Arena. Arena battles are good for gaining gold and experience for ninjas.

  • 2. World energy

    The yellow energy is used on missions on the World map. Missions are good for unlocking new ninjas and areas, as well as hunting for legendary weapons.

  • 3. Current energy

    The current amount of energy you have for each type. When this reached 0, you will have to wait for refills or spend diamonds for instant energy refills.

  • 4. Max energy

    The maximum amount of energy that can be stored. Be sure to spend your energy, as any energy refilled after this is reached will go to waste. There are upgrades available which increases the max cap.

  • 5. Refill amount

    The amount of energy gained with every refill. The default value is 1. Other factors such as beginner bonus or kage bonus can increase this value.

  • 6. Next refill

    A countdown to the next time energy refills for the energy types. Unless otherwise specified; every 10 minutes.