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Game Guide


Read up on ninjas, jutsu, game mechanics and other essential NinjaManager stuff!

Team Basics

The most basic information about your team is displayed at the top of the page, in the header. Below is an image of the header in its full view, followed by an explanation of the sections found inside it.

Lineup summary

The lineup summary of the header shows your currently active lineup of ninjas and how many of your total positions are filled, both slot- and chakra-wise.

  • 1. Lineup

    Your currently active ninjas are displayed here. A lineup can consist of up to 6 ninjas and 1 summon. Ninjas are active in battle, while the summon supports them with bonus stats.

    For maximum performance, the lineup should consist of 3 genins, 2 jounins, 1 kage and 1 summon. They should be placed at their correct position, otherwise they will suffer penalty in their damage.

  • 2. Chakra

    Think of "chakra" as the maintenance cost of a ninja. A general rule is; the stronger a ninja is, the higher its chakra cost. Your lineup has a set amount of chakra to work with, and it'll be your job create a team of ninjas within those limits.

    Your team starts with 50 chakra, a number which increases as you complete areas on the World map. At the end of Beginner mode, your team will have 166 chakra to work with (excluding the +10 chakra upgrade). This number only gets lower the higher difficulty you play on.

    All ninjas (except starter and forbidden) can also be halved in chakra cost for half their recruitment price.

  • 3. Edit Team

    Click "Edit Team" bring up the lineup screen, where you can choose to add or remove ninjas from the lineup.

    You can have multiple lineups for different occasions, such as one for item hunting. The lineup called "Main" is always used in the Arena when battling other players. The currently selected lineup is always used when doing missions on the World map.

Team summary

The team summary gives an overview of your team details. This information is automatically refreshed every minute or so.

  • 1. Rating

    The team rating gives a rough indication on how strong your team is compared to other players in the Arena.

    Team starts off with a rating of 500, and can only gain or lose rating points by fighting in the Arena.

  • 2. Rank

    The rank icon shows how far you have progressed on the World map, which is the main story of the game.

    The number inside the rank icon (if any) indicates which difficult mode you are on. The higher number, the harder difficulty.

  • 3. Team name

    You have a team name and a regular username. Click here to set your names if you haven't already!

    The team name will be displayed in the Arena and throughout the site, while the username can be used for login instead of your email.

  • 4. Gold

    Gold is the main currency and is used to buy ninjas, items, abilities and much more. It can be acquired from completing missions or battling other players in the Arena.

  • 5. Diamonds

    Diamonds is the premium currency and used to buy special content, quality of life features, energy refills and gold. Diamonds are mainly acquired from in-game purchases, but can also be awarded from achievements.

  • 6. Energy

    You spend energy to do missions and to battle against other teams. Only a small amount of energy is regained every 10 minutes, so spend it carefully!

    The green energy is used for challenging other players in the Arena.

    The yellow energy is used on missions on the World map.

Account summary

The account summary gives an overview of your logged in account.

  • 1. Avatar

    Users can select avatars which are shown in various places, for example when viewing profiles. Avatars can be selected here and more avatars can be unlocked by recruiting new ninjas!

  • 2. Username

    The username is shown when view profiles, and can also be used to log in with instead of using your email. The default username consists of the first part of your email address. Click here to set your username.

  • 3. Account options

    Click the "Account" button to view more options such as Resting, Customizing, etc. Click "Log out" if you want to log out, which you should do in public places such as libraries or at school.