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The Kage Championship runs every week and determines who will be each village's kage.

Kage Penalty

Winning too much can be tiring (mostly for the others). From the last 30 weeks, a team's first week of kage is determined as a starting point, and then the "streak" is calculated as subtracting non-kage from kage positions (kage position - non-kage positions).

There's also an additional penalty if the team has been kage a lot historically in the past 30 weeks in that village, for example if the position is always changing between a few teams only.

The penalties only apply to Kage Decider matches and the Challenger Brackets.

  • -10% fatigue rec, -10 ele per streak week up to 10 stacks.
  • -20 endurance per streak week if the team has been kage more than 20 times the past 30 weeks.
  • -20% genjutsu disarm per streak week if the team has been kage more than 25 times the past 30 weeks.

Kage Credits

Finish among the top teams in your village's Kage Championship and earn Kage Credits! Exchange these credits in each village's Kage Shop for exclusive items, materials and other stuff. The Kage Credits earned stay on reset and are separate for each village your earn them for. Some items in the shops have a limited amount in stock for each village, which means you can only purchase them a certain amount of times.

  • Kage Decider winner: 10 Kage Credits
  • Kage Decider runner-up: 9 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket runner-up: 8 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 3rd place: 7 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 4th place: 6 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 5th place: 5 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 6th place: 4 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 7th place: 3 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 8th place: 2 Kage Credits
  • Challenger Bracket 9th place: 1 Kage Credits