Game Guide


In-depth data and detailed lists of ninjas, equipment, combos and much more to help you master the game.


All available genjutsus in alphabetical order.

128 Palms
Absorbed Punch
Absorption Seal
Abyssal Frenzy
Acid Domain
Acid Flower
Acid Scattering
Acid Spread
Acidic Lava
Acidic Mist
Adamantine Erosion
Afterimage Clone
Afterlife Departure
All-Killing Ash Bones
Ame Sickle
Anbu Armory
Anbu Legacy
Andvari's Curse
Apprentice' Lotus
Arctic Endurance
Armor of Sticky Gold
Armor Schneider
Army of Illusions
Artificial Rasengan
Assassin's Barrage
Assassin's Burst
Asterion's Wrath
Astral Explosion
Astral Sensing
Atomic Discharge
Attack Mode
Augmented Body
Avadana's Exploit
Bakeneko Transformation
Bark Shield
Battle Meow
Battle Transplantation
Beam of Light
Beast Ball Cannon
Beast Gale Palm
Beetle Metamorphosis
Beherit's Blessing
Bell Ring
Berserker Fist
Big Ball Rasengan
Billion Jin Sweep
Binding Starch Syrup
Binding Technique
Black Goo
Black Nine-Tails
Blade Control
Blaze Coat
Blood Curse
Bloody Regeneration
Bloody Stitching
Boddhisatva's Mantra
Body Distortion
Body Merge
Body Oxidation
Body Separation
Boiling Blood
Bone Regrowth
Bone Sharpening
Buki Bane
Bukijutsu Vessel
Butterfly Bullet Bombing
Byakugan Breakdown
Celestial Trumpet
Chain Explosives
Chakra Absorption
Chakra Artillery
Chakra Cleanse
Chakra Cloak
Chakra Compress
Chakra Detonation
Chakra Feast
Chakra Ghost
Chakra Knead
Chakra Refining
Chakra Release
Chakra Transformation
Charged Particle
Cherub's Song
Chidori Sharp Spear
Chimera Burst
Cluster Clay Bomb
Cocky Boasting
Cocoon Weaving
Coil of Elements
Cold Wound
Complete Body Susanoo
Connected Limbs
Connected Whirlwind
Consecutive Needles
Controlled Mind
Copy Wheel
Coral Aura
Coral Restoration
Coral Shield
Coreseeker Orb
Corpse Soil
Crashing Tidal Wave
Creation Rebirth
Crimson Fruit
Crippling Kusari
Crippling Seal
Crow Ephemera
Crumbling Twin Lions
Crushing Gold Wave
Crystal Aura
Crystal Imprisonment Wave
Curse of Kurama
Cursed Barrier
Cursed Blade Works
Cursed Bukijutsu
Cursed Element
Cursed Genjutsu
Cursed Immunity
Cursed Ninjutsu
Cursed Release
Cursed Taijutsu
Cursed Transformation
Dark Judgement
Dark Portal
Dark Touch
Dead Demon Seal
Deadly Mist
Deadly Mist Aura
Death Notes
Death Rewrite
Deathly Strike
Deep Claw Wound
Deep Forest Bloom
Defensive Sense
Defensive Water Wall
Dehydrating Heat
Demon Chains
Demonic Aura
Demonic Chains
Demonic Illusion
Demonic Revolution
Demonic Shackling Stakes
Depth Charge
Destruction Wave
Detachment Pillar
Dire Howl
Disrupting Wraith
Divine Blood
Divine Crystals
Double Black Panther
Double Blast
Double Lariat
Dual Snake Destroyer
Dust Aura
Dwarven Steel
Earth Art
Earthquake Explosion
Eight Tentacles
Eight Trigrams Sealing
Eight-tailed Release
Eighty Gods Barrage
Elemental Aura
Elemental Heating
Elemental Pressure
Elemental Rune
Elemental Shuriken
Emergency Recharge
Emperor's Treasure
Emperor's Will
Endless Snake Formation
Energy Inhaling
Enraged Beast
Envigoring Gust
Erratic Aura
Erratic Storm
Eternal Sealing
Eternal Tree Burial
Ethereal Aura
Ethereal Guard
Ethereal Nature
Ethereal Storm
Expansive Truthseeker Orb
Exploding Dragon Strike
Exploding Sasumata
Explosion Storm
Explosive Ink
Explosive Traps
Extreme Decapitating Airwaves
Eye Restoration
Fafnir's Blood
False Reality
Feast of the Fallen
Fenrir's Fury
Fenrir's Howl
Fiery Mane
Fighting Tongue Bind
Five Feeding Sharks
Five Style Massive Combo
Five-tailed Release
Flaming Bazooka
Flawless Eye
Flickering Crows
Floral Mountain
Flower Dance
Flying Claw
Focus Counter
Forbidden Chakra Refinement
Fountain of Fury
Four Shadows
Four-tailed Release
Fresh Heart
Frog Call
Frog Divination
Frog Strike
Frozen Havoc
Full Blossom Impact
Full Moon Swing
Gale Dragon
Gate of Death
Gate of Life
Gate of Opening
Gate of Wonder
Gelel Laser
Genjutsu Counter
Genjutsu Swallow
Genjutsu Unsealing
Ghost Aura
Ghost Fire
Ghost Fire
Ghost Touch
God Imitation
Golden Gravity
Golden Greed
Golden Immortality
Golden Imperial Funeral
Golden Vitality
Gravity Distortion
Gray Strike
Great Casting Net
Great Fire Destruction
Great Rasen Ring
Great Sickle Weasel
Great Tree Spear
Great Water Arm
Guiding Wings
Hammer Throw
Haunting Reaper
Heal Bite
Heaven Spear Kick
Heavenly Chain Disaster
Heavenly Eye
Hell Judgement
Hell Restoration
Heretical God Force
Hidden Assault
Hidden Mist
High Sealed Blood
High Sealed Ink
High Sealed Web
Hiramekarei Unleashing
Holy Grail
Holy Sacrifice
Horn Breaking
Hundred Leaves
Iai Beheading
Ice Aura
Ice Prison
Illusion Creation
Illusion Resonance
Illusion Rhythm
Illusionary Entrance
Illusionary Experience
Illusory Hell
Immortal Sword Intent
Immortal Wukong
Immunity Prophecy
Impure Talisman
Incinerating Flare
Infectious Strike
Infinite Darkness
Infinite Tsukuyomi
Inorganic Absorption
Insect Sphere
Instant Strike
Iron Mind
Iron Sand Reserve
Iron Sand Shower
Iron Sand: Needle
Jinchuriki Aura
Jinchuriki Initial Form
Kaleidoscope Wheel
Kamizuru Bees
Kamui Armory
Kamui Lightning Cutter
Kamui Shuriken
Killer Lariat
King's Judgement
Kraken Camouflage
Kurama Inventory
Kurama Replica
Kurama's Strength
Laser Beam
Last Luck
Lava Cloak
Lava Rasenshuriken
Lava Unsealing
Leaf Guidance
Leaf Tactics
Lesser Majestic Earth
Life Transference
Liger Bomb
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Burst
Lightning Cable
Lightning Dragon
Lightning Reflexes
Lightning Transformation
Lotus Cannons
Lucky Seven
Lunar Day
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Night
Magnet Aura
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Shuriken
Majestic Earth
Majestic Fire
Majestic Storm
Malice Strike
Mangekyo Brawn
Mangekyo Dexterity
Mangekyo Mind
Martial Dance
Masks Exploding Flame
Mazed Mind
Medieval Magic
Memorized Moves
Memory Recall
Microscopic Explosion
Mind Cleanse
Mind Clone Switch
Mind Extract
Mind Recovery
Miotic Regeneration
Mirrored Attacks
Mirroring Ice
Monk's Mantra
Monster Cat Claw
Moon Reader
Movement Copy
Mud Aura
Mud Doll
Mud Landslide
Multi Shadow Clone
Multiple Death Explosions
Muscle Hardening
Myoboku Reserves
Mythical Golem
Mythos Roar
Needle Hell
Needle Rain
Neko Celebration
Neutralizing Chains
Nidana's Enlightenment
Nidhoggr's Venom
Nimbus Tempest
Nine-tailed Release
Ninjutsu Neutralize
Ninjutsu Vessel
Nirvana's Lullaby
Numbing Poison
Nyoi-bo Style
Octopus Guard
One-tailed Release
Opposing Heaven
Ouroboro's Quicksilver
Pale Strike
Paralytic Poison
Parasitic Giant Insect
Parasitic Spores
Parrying Gale Palm
Path Summoning
Phantom Sounds
Phantom Strike
Phoenix Fire Armory
Phoenix Shuriken Dance
Pick Pocket
Planetary Devastation
Poison Cloud
Poison Coating
Poison Digestion
Poison Mist
Poison Opportunity
Poison Wound
Poseidon's Curse
Precise Blast
Presence of Kurama
Puppet Restoration
Puppet Seal Switch
Puppet Triad
Quartz Resonance
Quicklime Aura
Quicklime Cloud
Quicklime Congealing
Rabbit's Rage
Raccoon Rampage
Ragnarök Despair
Raven's Deception
Rebellion's Reservoir
Refined Sage Mode
Regalia of Chance
Regalia of Death
Regalia of Earth
Regalia of Fire
Regalia of Lightning
Regalia of Mastery
Regalia of Poison
Regalia of Positioning
Regalia of Recovery
Regalia of Reroll
Regalia of Stamina
Regalia of Water
Regalia of Wind
Reincarnation Explosion
Repulsive Force
Reroll Counter
Resonating Echo
Reverse Harem
Reverse Mist Beheading
Revolving Heaven
Rise of Necropolis
Rock Barrage
Root Ritual
Root Seal
Rune Reshape
Runestone Reflection
Runic Recovery
Ryuichi Illusion
Ryuichi's Energy
Sacred Oil Recovery
Sage Art: Goemon
Sage Tools Awakening
Sage's Prophecy
Sakegari Slice
Samsara's Ward
Sand Burial
Sand Funeral
Sand of Shukaku
Sand Release
Scaled Sneak
Scorch Blast
Scorching Armored Fist
Sealing Paint
Second Step
Seedling Fern
Self-destruction Laser
Serpent Blitz
Serpent Burst
Serpent Thrust
Serpentine Breath
Seven Secrets
Seven Swords Frenzy
Seven-tailed Release
Sewing Strike
Shadow Gathering
Shadow Grasping
Shadowless Flight
Sharingan Body Flicker
Sharingan Copy
Sharingan Showdown
Shark Prison
Shikigami Angel
Shikigami Dance
Shinigami's Seal
Silent Killing
Silver Wheel Explosion
Six-tailed Release
Skeletal Army
Slamming Shockwave
Slime Coating
Smoke Aura
Smoke Cloud
Snake Bite
Snake Focus
Snake Perseverance
Snake Shedding
Snake Stamina
Snake Transformation
Snake's Call
Snow Armor
Snow Shield
Soul Absorption
Soul Convert
Soul Cultivation
Soul Extend
Soul Gather
Soul Seize
Soul Stimulate
Sound Amplifier
Sound of Silence
Spear of Shukaku
Spear Potential
Spectral Image
Spiked Bullet Tank
Spirit Mark Erase
Splitting Strike
Starch Syrup Field
Static Assault
Steam Dash
Steam Imp
Steel Projectile
Steel Shield
Stone Sword Execution
Straight Line
Striking Shadow Snakes
Strongest Spear
Style One
Suicide Bombing Clone
Summon Tag Attack
Summoning: Demonic Statue
Sun Beam
Super Added Weight Rock
Super Fang Wolf Fang
Super Lightweight Rock
Super Slap
Supernice Words
Supersonic Punch
Survivor's Instincts
Susanoo: Crush
Susanoo: Mountain Cutter
Susanoo: Purge
Susanoo: Sword Throw
Swift Aura
Swift Decapitation
Swift Strikes
Sword Cleanse
Sword Flash
Sword Summoning
Taijutsu Vessel
Tailed Beast Lariat
Tailed Beast Roar
Tainted Iron
Tandem Paper Bombs
Tanto Practice
Tanto Proficiency
Team Synergy
Telescope Calibration
Temple's Salvation
Tengai Shinsei
Tenketsu Strike
Tenseigan Aura
Tenseigan Chakra Mode
Tentacle Swipe
Terrible Split
The Labyrinth
Thousand Strikes
Three Swords Style
Three-Headed Wolf
Three-tailed Release
Thunder Bomb
Thunder Discharge
Thunder God Slash
Thunderfire Law
Thundergod's Wrath
Titanic Strength
Toad Flame Bomb
Toad Sword Beheading
Tortoise Carapace
Toxic Resurgence
Treasure Sealing
Tree Binding Death
Tree Wall Barrier
Triple Fang
Triple Rashomon
True Thousand Hands
Truth-Seeking Ball
Truthseeker Formation
Truthseeker Relapse
Truthseeker Release
Turtle Defense
Twin Aura
Twin Natures
Twin Ritual
Twisted Tentacle
Two-tailed Release
Uchiha Flame Formation
Ultimate Art
Undead Touch
Underworld Transmute
Unholy Chakra
Unholy Strike
Vacuum Great Sphere
Vacuum Wall Palm
Valkyrie's Waltz
Venomous Swarm
Vine Dance
Wakizashi Shape
Walls of Babylon
Water Aeration
Water Amplification
Water Balloons
Water Dragon
Wax Melt
Weapons Reserve
Weaver's Curse
Weaver's Mark
Weaver's Venom
Weaver's Web
White Slash
White Snake Rage
White Snake Regeneration
White Zetsu Army
Wild Shuriken Dance
Will Materialization
Will of Blaze
Will of Cinders
Will of Embers
Will of Fire
Will of Flame
Will of Flare
Will of Inferno
Wind Focus
Wind Weaponry
Winged Beast
Wings of Chomei
Wood Aura
Wood Golem
Wood Wall
Word Drawing
Word Sealing
Word Severing
World of Trees
Wotan's Whisper
Wound Regeneration
Yin Yang Fusion
Yojimbo Spirit